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The Avant-Garde Music of Arman Ratip

Arman Ratip’s Avant-Garde Improvisational Music is in a sense an unpredictable delirium, with rich colour, endless adventure and far reaching scopes of contrasting transcendental improvisations. His music is full of extraordinary technics with rich, very surreal musical statements. In his Space Music the extraterrestrial theme is explored to a great depth with a high level of virtuosity. The energy of the music is amazing, always reaching a climax with an explosive, poweful grandeur. Every single composition is crowned with sizzling improvisational music.

Romantic Music

Two CDs...”Love Melodies-I Arman Ratip” and “Love Melodies- II- Arman Ratip”. These romantic compositions of Arman Ratip have become very popular.


Arman Ratip had become very popular in London with his Avant- Garde and Turkish Jazz music. He recorded 2 albums with EMI.

Turkish Folk Music Arrangements

Arman Ratip’s Turkish Folk Music arrangements hold a very special place in his musical career.